The actor Tim Healy asked me to write a piece to celebrate 130 years of the charity, Children North East, of which he is patron. The charity wanted something that spoke of its history, the people it has helped (and is still helping) and the importance of the Geordie spirit that has kept it going. 
The piece was narrated by Tim and storyboarded and filmed by the hugely talented guys at Unified Films - who I'd worked with before on Sunday for Sammy.
Unified Films did such a fantastic job in the directing and producing of the film that it made the official selection of the North East International Film Festival.
You’re Not Alone
by Scott Tyrrell

It began in 1891
with a simple seaside trip
Two men looked out and saw the clip
of some lads that were playing out in the street -
broken and threadbare wi’ nowt to eat
So they cobbled some cash for a boat trip plus
some lunch and a drink and said this one’s on us
Just a breath of fresh air and a little cheer
And all those years later, we are still here

We’re here for the bairns who don’t get enough
For the parents who’ve had way more than enough
For those who carry their worlds on their shoulders
For the fighters and grafters, the scholars and moulders
who fend off the boulders every single day
We’re here to keep the very worst at bay
We’re here for the dads who lie wide awake
For the mams who need that long-needed break
For the empty bellies and the tethers’ ends
From Tynemouth to Wearmouth to Four Lane Ends
From Stockton to Shields, Blythe to Wallsend
Places we know you can find real friends
Who know that compassion never ends
We’re a people who get what struggling means
It’s in our blood, it’s in our genes
And we lift up those we find on their knees
And we give them the pride to stand tall as trees

There are those that say shy bairns get nowt
But we’re here for the bairns who whisper or shout
For those hiding scars inside and out
For those who’ve coped with too many a clout

Life can be pitiless and relentless and wild
So it takes a toon to raise a child
Just a decent chance, and a decent start
With a little help and a lot of heart
We can say to all those bitten to the bone
You’re not alone.
You’re not alone.​​​​​​​
Find out more about Children North East, and donate if you can.
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