Illustration provided for both online and print, pixel or vector and in any style. I've produced illustration for children's books, event posters, albums, portraits, infographics and graphic novels.
I produce 2D motion graphics, instructional and educational videos, marketing ads and short films. I can produce animation using puppet rigs and also using traditional keyframe animation. 
Voice Overs
As well as being a voice over artist myself I am also an experienced director of v/os and collaborate with many diverse v/os from around the UK.
Character Design
Character design produced in any style for both print and animation. 
Stories, ads and instructional videos planned out visually. This can be part of an animation project produced by Scott Tyrrell Design or separately as a third party.
Extensive branding experience including branding workshops, logo design and brand guidelines.
As well my career in design and animation I have also forged a parallel career as a writer and poet. I am the writer of 2 published poetry collections and I also write commercially.
Please get in touch to discuss your next project.
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