I’m a Newcastle upon Tyne-based award-winning designer, illustrator, 2D animator, writer and creative lead with over twenty years’ industry experience.
I produce high quality digital design, artwork and motion graphics for all sectors. My role includes excellent client and stakeholder communication, HD artwork production and experienced design consultation. 
I’ve worked successfully on character design, animated videos, digital branding, commercial writing and illustration. Having worked on a vast variety of large and small-scale projects within commercial and educational industries and with teams of various sizes and skill bases, I can tailor my working to leading the creative vision on large corporate products as well as small videos and interactives.
My philosophy for creating solid, useful work involves 3 areas of consideration:  Empathy for your audience and an understanding of how to communicate with them; an overarching appreciation for the classic rules of composition and design; and lateral or sideways thinking resulting in ideas that surprise and challenge audience expectations.
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Who I've worked with...
"It's been such a pleasure to work with Scott. His creativity has elevated our project to a really high level. He’s a great talent but also super organised and reliable, essential for remote team working. Hope to work with him again in the near future.
Jane Corry, Chief Executive & Artistic Director, Norden Farm
"His creative work for the branch has been professional, engaging and full of character. In addition though, Scott went absolutely above and beyond on this project for us, offering his skills and expert advice every step of the way, leaving us with a finished product that we couldn't be more proud of.
Melanie Hunter, Media Coordinator at RSPCA Sunderland, Hartlepool and South Tyneside
"Perhaps what I am most impressed is Scott’s formidable intelligence and creativity when storytelling. Similarly mindboggling is Scott’s extremely impressive work rate, he is able to turn around TV quality animations with lightning speed!
Pete Wells, writer and educator
"To simply refer to Scott as a designer would be a serious miscarriage of justice. The world is full of ‘jacks of all trades’ but Scott is a rare ‘master of many’. A seriously talented illustrator, graphic designer, creative thinker and digital designer, Scott’s talents don’t end here. As a major force in the poetry world, his command of words and heartstrings give him a serious edge when it comes to storytelling and creative comms. But most importantly, he’s seriously funny (if there’s such a thing), honest and fiercely loyal. Without these things, nothing else matters.
Alan Carpenter, MD & Co-founder at By Experience Ltd​​​​​​​
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