Local funny man and writer of BBC2's Hebburn, Jason Cook approached me to design a logo for his new summer Comedy Festival at the Customs House in South Shields.
With the festival being based in a seaside town we toyed with the idea of a seagull as a mascot but it had already been used for another comedy festival. I went for a visit to the Customs House and looking out to the Tyne I noticed life preservers dotted periodically on the railings. Then I remembered the William Wouldhave lifeboat memorial and its life preservers strewn around its hull. The life preserver seemed both appropriate as a symbol of South Tyneside and as a metaphor for laughter being a life saver. Plus it's a naturally eye catching image.
Strength to Strength
The festival continues to get bigger every year and the logo is a bold signifier around the town and in magazines when the festival box office is open.
"Scott did a great job designing the logo for the South Tyneside Comedy Festival. He instantly understood the brief of creating something unique, bold and anchored to South Tyneside. He quickly came up with the idea of a laughing life preserver which is a perfect image for the festival, and looks great when it's plastered all over town in the Summer months. Scott is a talented, professional designer and a breeze to work with."
Jason Cook, Comedian and founder of the South Tyneside Comedy Festival
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