A fun, quick turnaround project to work on. Rotten Planks is a fun 8-bit game currently in production and will be released soon on the Steam platform. The makers approached me to create the promotional graphics to advertise the game on the Steam website. The central characters of the game are Sally, a pirate who leaves unintentional destruction in her wake, and her pet duck, Richardson. First step was to extrapolate fun cartoon characters from the 8-bit designs.
Once the designs had been settled on, several layouts of the main image were sketched out using the existing logo before settling on something that painted Sally as feeling slightly guilty about causing the shipwreck in the background, while the duck looked at us with a 'yup, she did it again' sense of resignation. The agreed layout was then worked up in colour.
The Steam platform requires graphics of multiple ratios, so multiple configurations of the main 7 elements (Sally, Richardson, the jetty, the sky/sea, the island, the sinking ship and smoke) were created to fulfill those requirements.
'Scott designed the promotional artwork for a computer game I'm releasing soon and did a stunning job. The designs are spot on from the brief provided and the whole process from initial discussions to finished pieces of outstanding artwork was a pleasure. I tried not to be a pernickety customer, but had a few suggestions for alterations during the design process, which Scott listened to carefully, whizzed off and came back with in the blink of an eye. Totally magic results which I'm absolutely chuffed with. 
They're certainly going to catch the eye and imagination of people at the game store. A highly professional service and, of course, excellent artwork.'
Tom Read, Games designer
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