Beccy Owen is one of the North East's brightest singer/songwriters and is the founder and director of 'Pop-up Choirs' -  a series of one-off musical happenings in which the community perform as a choir in different and surprising locations. Everyone from all walks of life are welcome to take part and most of the sessions are free or pay as you feel.
Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, Beccy was forced to conduct these happenings online through Zoom. She approached me to produce an identity to attract new members based on her existing brand and colour palette but with a more illustrated, playful, human quality that celebrates diversity and conveys the online nature of the gatherings. 
We agreed on the idea a wall of screens (similar to the standard Zoom screen layout) filled with diverse people being conducted by Beccy in the centre. 
We could take an amusing approach to how people react to and use cameras during virtual meetings - some using the camera correctly, some way too close, some mostly out of shot etc. The style I chose for the figures was bold and avatar-like to allow the logo to register at any size.
"Scott’s a graphic design wizard whose visuals are a breath of fresh air and a feast for the eyes. I was after something highly original, humanistic and joyful. I was really pleased with the results and in achieving them I found Scott to be good-natured and highly professional.“
Beccy Owen, Musical Director
Variations of the logo were created for the varied platforms and eventual products that would require its flexibility.
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