The Heart of the City Partnership in Newcastle asked me to illustrate a selection of historical characters associated with Newcastle Castle - to be used for storytelling and marketing purposes both online and offline.
Newcastle Castle has a rich history and all the characters drawn are based on real historical figures associated with the castle. I worked closely with the educational department of Newcastle Castle to develop historically accurate representations of these figures.
The characters are being used across a range of purposes within Newcastle castle. Mary Bruce, here, (sporting a lovely pair of contemporary headphones), is currently being used to advertise the castle's audio tours.
“It’s been a real joy to work with a talented artist like Scott on a project bringing characters from medieval history to life. He has a real flair for visual storytelling, letting the little details in the designs give the characters a sense of personality and letting us get to know them. Working with Scott was a breeze as well, every stage of the designs has been communicated with us and any comments taken on board. The end product speaks for itself.” 
David Silk, Learning Officer, Newcastle Castle
A range of merchandise featuring the characters is available at Newcastle Castle's online shop.
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