With Covid restrictions lifting across the UK, there is still a concern across a large section of the public that lives are still at risk from the virus. Many of us would still like to protect ourselves and others until the danger of passing on Covid-19 is considerably less. My friend and previous collaborator, Beccy Owen, coined the phrase 'Masking for a Friend' with the aim of raising awareness that we're not out of the woods yet, to show concern for the community and to sell branded products in order to to raise funds for NHS Bright Northumbria.
I offered my branding services gratis for this worthy cause and with Beccy's collaboration came up with a fun monochrome logo for the phrase - to be used on social media and branded products.
The final brand is featured on t-shirts, badges (and eventually masks) and all profits go the NHS Bright Northumbria.
You can purchase these products at Beccy Owen's online shop.
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