A great and important project I worked on with E-learning for Healthcare and the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare. NHS England has committed to ‘net zero’ carbon emissions by 2040. We developed an educational session which aims to provide the healthcare workforce with the knowledge and skills to deliver healthcare for financial, social and environmental sustainability.
My task on this project was to produce graphics and 2 animated videos that introduce the nature of the problem and point at what the solutions could be.
Look and feel
The client wanted the characters and graphics to be rooted in reality and to feel gritty, so a semi-realistic graphic style was developed with a gritty texture and muted colour palette.
Storyboard drawings for the 2 videos were created in the agreed illustrative style.
Video stills
Below is a selection of video stills from the 2 animated videos produced.
Below is a compilation of edited animated scenes from the 2 videos.
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