I first performed as a poet at Glastonbury in 2011 and became good friends with the curator of the poetry tent. In 2014 she asked me to create the poster for the poetry lineup and I have been contributing artwork to the festival ever since.
2022 marked the fourth year I was asked to design the poster for the Glastonbury Poetry tent. It coincided with the return of the festival after a 2 year hiatus due to the pandemic - so I wanted to go all out and create something visually striking that said 'We're back to business as usual'. I'd already established the realistic monochrome sketch style for the poets in 2019 but this year I introduced a more colourful psychedelic palette to match the festival vibe and interwove overflow typography into the illustration.
Multiple assets were created including the poster, which was made as both digital for social media and as a printed souvenir for the poets. Also festival bunting, a cover design for the printed mini programmes and a social media video tease were produced. 
2019 was the year I introduced a  realistic but messy approach. This was extremely well received and many people wanted copies. 
For 2014 and 2016 posters I drew the lineup as owls which was tremendous fun to do and was extremely well received. In fact several poets who weren't even performing commissioning me to owl-ise them.
On-site Sketching
I was asked in 2015 to be on-site sketch artist at the poetry tent, which was huge fun to do. I've performed this task for a number of years.
"Scott has worked for Glastonbury Festival’s Poetry&Words stage over 4 years, producing high quality illustrations to order. His beautiful and idiosyncratic posters helped carry through a strong identity for the stage and have been treasured keepsakes for the artists featured. He has also worked for us as an on-site sketch artist, producing drawings quickly in situ, in less than ideal conditions! We would definitely recommend him as a creative collaborator." 
Dr. Helen Johnson, Curator of Poetry&Words at Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury Free Press
News of my sketching reached the festival's newspaper in 2015 (printed on an old and very impressive Heidelberg printing press) and I was asked if I would like to contribute artwork to the paper. I spent 3 years producing illustrations for the GFP, specialising in extremely bad cow puns.
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