The Auf Wiedersehen Pet Official fansite commissioned me to produce an illustration of the Tyne Bridge to be available as an exclusive print on their website.
They specifically wanted it to be a subtle nod to the episode 'Marjorie doesn't live here anymore' from the second season of Auf Wiedersehen Pet In which Jimmy Nail as Oz says to his son at the Quayside bus stop, "You might be a man of the world now, but... never forget your roots, son. Right? You'll always be a Geordie, no matter where you go. 'Cos this is the place that shaped you, and made you what you are, alright?'"
I took some shots of the bridge as viewed from Sandhill, and researched the architectural elements that were there in the 1980s - including the bus stop graphics and the Tuxedo Royal floating nightclub, which was a feature of the Tyne for many years.
I produced 2 versions of the illustration. One in colour and one in greyscale. Both are available as prints.
A selection of prints illustrated by Scott Tyrrell Design are now available to purchase from the Auf Wiedersehen Pet Official fansite here.
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