I was commissioned by the Official Auf Wiedersehen Pet Fansite team to create illustrations of the 'magnificent seven' for use across a brand new contemporary range of official merchandise. Being an AWP fanboy myself I was delighted to get stuck into creating graphic portraits of these beloved, iconic characters. Rather than using facial features, we focused on build, stance, head shape and costume to accurately portray the characters.
Fans of TV shows can be obsessive down to the smallest detail and I was very much aware of the accuracy required. Working closely with the AWP Fansite team, great scrutiny of each character's costume, hairstyle, gait and height was applied to ensure the characters were accurate and true to the TV series.
The brief required all seven characters to be recognised individually as well as fit into an ensemble composition. The 'Magnificent Seven' have been used across an exclusive range of merchandise including tee shirts and mugs and are available now here.
"Impressed with his portfolio of work, we commissioned Scott to produce a unique range of artwork capturing the essence of the iconic 80’s television comedy / drama series, Auf Wiedersehen Pet. His stylised contemporary interpretation of the ‘magnificent seven’ captured our brief perfectly resulting in the production of a beautiful collection of illustrations portraying the individual charm, charisma, and personality of each character with exacting detail." 
The Official Auf Wiedersehen Pet Fansite
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